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Author: David D. Lamb

Survive the Longest with these Tips in PUBG

Survive the Longest with these Tips in PUBG

When it comes to playing PUBG, there is no doubt regarding how fun the game is. When it comes to winning, however, it can get a bit trickier. There are a total of 100 players simultaneously on a map during each round. Being the only survivor amongst those 100 in an attrition duel of around 20-30 minutes is not easy at all.

But hold your horses. There is always player unknown battlegrounds hacks as well as some tips that will definitely boost your abilities and skills, and allow you to last longer on the battlefield. So, gear up soldier! These are some things you ought to remember.

Essential Basics

In order to win a round, you need to master the basics first. The initial phase is all about farming for loot. However, many players simply fail at that and die as soon as they land.

  1. The first thing you look for when you land is a decent weapon. If you cannot defend yourself, there is no way you can win.
  2. Secondly, you want healing items, followed by armour, backpacks, ammo and other essentials. Be sure to manage your inventory well since it fills up pretty easily.
  3. Do not leave doors open. It tells other players that someone else has been there. Those who ignore these smaller things are the ones who end up losing. Hence, keep this in mind even when using pubg hacks.
  4. Clear a building before starting to loot. It is an obvious tactic to leave loot open as bait. Don’t leave your corners unchecked when entering a building either.
  5. Do not engage large groups of enemies, especially at a long range. This is even truer if you are not in a squad.

Mastering the Middle Game

The middle game in PUBG is where most people have problems. It is this phase where people lose their patience and eventually die. So, opt for player unknown battlegrounds hacks as well as select ways below to ease your problems:

  • Never ignore the safe circle in greed of loot. Damage taken from being outside the circle is not a matter of joke.
  • Do not spam bandages when you are healing yourself. They take time to be fully effective so don’t move around and apply them only when the previous one has taken its full time to heal.
  • Take note that you will be able to carry more with you if you equip the larger items and put the smaller ones in your bag. A simple trick, but one, which people seem to ignore.
  • Use of vehicles in PUBG is very tricky and can force unskilled players into using pubg esp hack. While they cover large distances, they give up your position very easily as well. So, be wise when getting into a car the next time. read more about PUBG hacks.

Other Options

Well, if all of the above sounds like a chore, you can always use some player unknown battlegrounds hacks that you can easily find on the internet. These will enhance your game in such a way that you do not have to be aware of any of the above-mentioned things.